10 tips for posting photos of children on social networks

10 tips for posting photos of children on social networks

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Who has not been tempted on many occasions to post a photo of their child on social networks? Every parent is proud of their children and wants to show them off to everyone. Yes, you can, as long as you follow a set of basic rules so you don't have to regret later.

The Internet is a free place, where all kinds of people browse and where anyone has access to millions and millions of photographs. Therefore, you must always think about protecting minors. Sometimes they are things that we do not fall into, basic things, common sense, but that we forget when uploading the children's photographs.

1. Never post a picture of a naked child. It may seem like common sense, but it is surprising how many pictures of naked children are found on social networks. The parental instinct should always be on the alert against sexual predators. For us it may be an innocent photo, but there are people who can use it for pornographic purposes.

2. That no one can deduce where the child's residence is. A photo at the entrance of the school gives clues about where to find the minor. Also in an easily recognizable market, or those photographs of the interior next to the window from where you can clearly read the sign with the name of the street. Be careful with those details.

3. Don't upload photos where the child appears next to your car and the license plate is visible. It is a very simple way to locate you.

4. Do not identify the minor by name and surname. Call him by name only.

5. If what you want is to share pictures of your children with the family, why not do you use email? It is much safer than if you publish them on Social Networks so that they in turn can download them.

6. Do not give data of the child's schedules nor the extracurricular activities you have signed up for. The less information you give about the places you frequent, the better.

7. Avoid exhibitionism. Is it really necessary to upload so many pictures of children on social networks? It is better to limit the number of photos of children that are posted on the internet.

8. If the smartphone or tablet with which you take the photo has GPS, make sure this function is disabled. If not, anyone could trace the trail to the location where the photo was taken.

9. Demand all your relatives and acquaintances always ask your permission before posting a picture of your child on the internet. And remember that both parents must agree when uploading a photograph of the child to social networks.

10. Adjust privacy and filters on your social media profiles to make sure your children's photos reach as few people as possible. Although remember, once you upload a photo to social networks, they become public domain, and it is practically impossible to delete them.

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