The difficult adaptation of children to school

The difficult adaptation of children to school

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Let those who never suffered from taking their child to a nursery or school for the first time raise their hands. Children's first day in kindergarten or school is always hard for parents and children. In a single day your child will go from the comfort of the home he knows so much, to a whole new world.

I came across this comment from a teacher on our site's Forum. Very good! "There are only a few days left until the start of the school year. It will be the first day of school for our son and that fills us with doubts: Will he cry? Will he take good care of him? Will he miss us? Are we right to take him with the little It is? ... On the one hand, we thought it would be better for him to stay at home and wait for him to grow up a little more. But, on the other hand, we know that in the new school he will meet new friends, he will learn a lot and mature. ... what if it doesn't fit?

Our son has grown up in a specific place and with people he knows perfectly. He has objects and toys around him that he has explored and investigated, despite some scolding when he touched something he shouldn't have. This is your environment and it gives you the security you need. School is the opposite. It is an unknown place and full of strangers. In addition, those objects that he knows so well are no longer within reach. It could be said that for our son it is a radical change: he has gone from the safety of home to the insecurity caused by that unknown place. And last but not least, he must stay there while we leave.

Our son cannot explain his anxieties and insecurities in words. However, he gives us clues through everything he knows how to do: sleep, eat, cry. He is still too young to understand that, even if we drop him off at school, we will look for him again. He still does not know how time works and that is why he needs his life to be regulated, with the least possible changes. Only then can you anticipate what is going to happen: "now it's time to eat, now it's time to sleep, now they give those drawings that I like so much ..." And, suddenly, everything changes: "there are no more drawings, they are all strange, ¿ who is that lady who talks to my parents? .. "

And above all: "why do my parents leave and leave me here?" The fear of feeling abandoned, of being separated from us who offer him security and that we will not look for him again is the hardest thing for our son. To avoid this abrupt change, it would be convenient that:

1. The son knew the school before the first day. We could take you with us the day we visit the center. In this way, you could walk around the premises and, if possible, see what will be your classroom for the first time. We will explain to you that soon this will be a place where you will find many friends to play with and where you will learn many things and have a great time.

2. Let us not be distressed. Although it may not seem like it, our son, no matter how small, will notice that something happens and will get nervous.

3. When saying goodbye, it is very important to ignore possible crying. If our son sees that with a cry he can hold us back, the behavior will be repeated daily. We have to say goodbye naturally, telling him that we will pick him up later or simply showing that we leave calm and confident. The following days we must show the same calm attitude of the first day.

4. It is important to maintain a close relationship with the educator. We will explain everything that has changed in our child, be it problems with sleep, eating, behavior, etc., as well as our own doubts and fears. The teacher will inform us about the progress and difficulties of our son and will help him from school to make him feel happy, in other words: she will help him to adapt.

As much as we delay the start of school, we are not going to prevent our child (and us) from going through this moment. Adapting to other places and to other people is something that, as human beings, we will have to do repeatedly throughout our lives and there will always be a first time, even if it is the hardest. As parents we are not passive spectators of this important change for our son. We care about your well-being and we would like to make you go through this new experience so that you do not suffer. Helping him adjust to the new situation is the key to a good adjustment. "

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