Saint Fabiola Day, March 21. Names for girls

Saint Fabiola Day, March 21. Names for girls

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Fabiola is a name for a girl of Latin origin that means 'the one who comes from the Fabia gens'. There is no shortage of people who attribute to this name the meaning of 'the one who gathers beans' and who gives it a Sabino or even Etruscan origin.

But while there is some confusion about the origin of your daughter's name, there is also general agreement in placing Fabiola as one of the most suggestive and attractive names. Celebrate your name day March 21, which is the day of Santa Fabiola.

By the meaning of her name, Fabiola implies a strong character whose main characteristic is the attachment she feels towards her family. Fabiola is of alert intelligence and very sociable, capable of committing herself to all those causes that help others. In addition, Fabiola is always surrounded by friends and has a great capacity for seduction.

The name Fabiola It is used mainly in Spanish-speaking countries and in Italy. They have a special preference for the name of your daughter in Latin America, where we find women named Fabiola in all generations. It is a very attractive name because it is not one of the most frequent and its musicality denotes elegance and distinction.

Your daughter's name has been passed down throughout history thanks to Santa Fabiola, a Roman noblewoman who, despite embracing Christianity, divorced her first husband for falling in love with another man. His life dedicated to charity and the practice of medicine earned him the status of Santa and the passionate account of his activities is found in the work of Nicholas Wiserman, "Fabiola".

We know many women from the entertainment world in Latin America named Fabiola. More international, we have Fabiola from Belgium, of Spanish origin, who was queen of that country thanks to her marriage to Balduino. And one woman who receives all our admiration for her courage and strength is Fabiola Martínez, a Venezuelan model known for her marriage to Bertín Osborne.

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