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What feeding shirt?

What feeding shirt?

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The breastfeeding shirt is one of the elements necessary in a hospital delivery bag. There are several versions of this type of products on the market, so that every expectant mother can choose something suitable for herself. However, just looking through the offers may not be enough. It usually turns out in practice whether a given item works. Trying to make your choice easier, we have prepared a few hints.

Nursing shirt with slits on the sides

Such shirts have the advantage of being ready to use immediately. You do not need to unbutton buttons, untie the strings, etc. Unfortunately, this advantage can sometimes be a disadvantage: many young mothers complain that these shirts have "breasts on top". That's not all: this shirt model can also be uncomfortable, because the material rolled up on the body when a woman is lying down can hinder the baby's access to the breast.

In the picture Regina night gown for feeding: price around 50 zlotys.

Envelope feeding shirt

The envelope feeding shirt is the solution that is most universal. Such a shirt can be used during pregnancy, after delivery and when we stop feeding. At first glance, he does not reveal his destiny. However, it can be uncomfortable for large breasts.

The envelope manufacturer's offer includes, among others, the Polish producer Muzzy. Price around 45 zlotys.

Pleated feeding shirt

Pleated shirt it one of my favorite suggestions. It allows quick access to the breast by lifting some material and feeding the baby. Thanks to it, you can attach a baby very discreetly, without exposing the breasts. In the first days, when feeding is often troublesome and the mother has difficulty attaching the baby to the breast, such a cut may not work, not allowing in any position to conveniently observe the baby sucking breast.

Anita feeding shirt in the photo (price approx. PLN 200).

Button feeding shirt

Nursing shirts are often chosen with buttons: be they running through the center of the shirt (then it does not have to be a standard feeding shirt) or on the sides. The downside of such a solution is that each time you need to unbutton and fasten buttons, which can be troublesome in the first months of life, when the baby often sucks his breast. In addition, such shirts do not allow you to quickly cover the breast, for example, during visits to the hospital.

The photo shows a shirt from the Muzzy (about PLN 50) and Anita (price about PLN 200) collections.

Nursing shirt with removable straps

T-shirts with detachable straps are available on the market, using a similar solution as classic feeding bras. Thanks to them, you can quickly attach to the baby's breast, revealing only one breast.

Such shirts are considered much more comfortable than shirts with buttons. However, it is difficult to find such proposals at a price of up to PLN 100. You need to spend about 120 zlotys on the following shirt (Alles Mama Sugar).

Some valuable tips:

  • Feeding shirts that are not made of 100% cotton are available on well-known auction sites. A small amount of "artificial accessory" is enough to greatly reduce the wearing comfort, which in combination with increased body temperature and sweating in the puerperium can be extremely unpleasant,
  • it is worth choosing shirts larger than you wear: clothes made of cotton often like to go after washing,
  • you do not have to decide on models with cute teddy bears, butterflies or images of babies, there are also more universal proposals on the market that can be tailored to your style and choose according to individual tastes.
  • lace finish? Spotted motifs? Black feeding shirts? But please ... You can additionally choose feeding shirts with short boleroes or bathrobes.

And what feeding shirts do you recommend?


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