5 disgusting things you do when you are a mom

5 disgusting things you do when you are a mom

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I still remember the days when I didn't have children. Before I gave birth to my first child, many things were incomprehensible to me. Just like the scene described below. Actually, the behavior of one of her heroines. I am not surprised much today. I know that parenting sometimes changes our lives so much that things that were previously unthinkable suddenly become everyday reality. However, from the beginning ...
Two women are sitting in a cafe, one clearly tired, the other extremely talkative. The first one: pale and painted in a careless way, listens to the latter, nods, smiles weakly nods. Talking what millions, meeting would seem nothing extraordinary. Suddenly, the silent woman pulls a handkerchief out of her purse, mechanically puts it to her mouth, apparently applying saliva on it, and puts it on the face of the other, rubbing it vigorously after it. The second, clearly surprised, jumps up from the chair, and the first turns red on the face and begins to apologize too loudly. In a moment the situation becomes clear: the first "confused" the second ... with her own child. Visibly tired, seeing the dirt acted mechanical.
If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I would not have believed that you could be so tired, distracted ... This scene that reminded me after many years inspired me to write this article.

What do we do as mothers, and what mothers or so-called perfect mothers don't often understand yet? My list of five disgusting (?) Parental behaviors below. Be sure to write what you think about her.

Cleanning face

In a world where antibacterial fluids, wet wipes, thermal waters, etc. rule, it would seem that there is no need to reach for the "old way" that mother used from the above story, and yet we sometimes use the usual a handkerchief and saliva to clean your toddler's face when he unexpectedly gets dirty on a walk.