Promotions for children and parents

Promotions for children and parents

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Christmas shopping fever? Do not forget about products for your children. See what you can buy cheaper this week!

  • Pampers diapers- If you buy Sleep & Play diapers for your baby, you will probably be pleased to hear that they are available in Real at PLN 26.99 per packaging. You'll pay a little less, exactly PLN 24.99 in Kaufland. You spend PLN 44.99 on a pack of Pampers Active Baby diapers in the Polo Market.
  • Wet wipes- Wet wipes for children made for the Real network can be purchased for PLN 14.95 - the offer applies to four packs of 72 pcs. You will spend PLN 5.49 on the packaging of Dzidziuś Kindi in Rossmann. A six pack of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes (6x63 items) is an expense of PLN 26.99 (formerly PLN 32.99). 2x 60 pcs in Alma Pampers Sensitive wipes cost PLN 11.99 (previously you had to pay PLN 14.99). The same price for two packaging: Pampers Baby Fresh 2x64 pcs. A pack of Pampers Natural Clean wipes (64 pcs) in the Polo Market has been discounted from PLN 6.99 to PLN 4.99. You will spend PLN 4.39 for the same product in Schlecker.
  • Cosmetics- Nivea Baby 200ml conditioning milk now costs PLN 12.99 at Rossmann. You will pay PLN 5.59 for Bambino 150g protective cream, and Johnson's Baby gel olives cost PLN 10.99 per item ... In Kaufland, Dino 60g toothpaste has been discounted from PLN 2.99 to PLN 2.19.


  • Yoghurts, cheese- In Real 4x100g Monte Max with nutty flavor now costs PLN 4.79.
  • desserts- You can buy 2-pack BoboVita small jars in Real for PLN 3.95. In Rossmann 125g pudding in Gerber jars were discounted from PLN 2.99 to PLN 2.59. For dairy desserts Babydream 4x100g you will pay PLN 1 less, i.e. PLN 4.99.
  • Dinners and dishes- For 250g Babydream dinners in Rossmann you will pay PLN 1 less, i.e. PLN 3.99. Whereas 190g Hipp dishes (full offer) is not PLN 5.29 but PLN 3.99. Also large (190g) jars with Gerber dinners now have a promotional price. You will pay PLN 5.49 instead of PLN 4.69. You will spend the same amount in E.Leclerc. The cheapest, because PLN 4.39 you will spend in Piotr and Paweł. Two BoboVita lunches of 190g are available in Alma for PLN 6.99 (current price: PLN 7.89).
  • porridge- For a set of 2x230g BoboVita milk-rice porridges in E.Leclerc you will pay PLN 11.99. All Nestle milk-rice porridges in the Polo Market cost PLN 1 cheaper, i.e. PLN 6.99 for 230g.
  • Juices and nectars- You will get 200ml bottles of your favorite Hipp juices and nectars at Rossmann for PLN 2.59 (previously PLN 3.09).
  • Teas- At Alma, you pay not PLN 13.90 instead of PLN 11.90 for 200g cans of BoboVita teas. You spend less, just PLN 10.49 at Rossmann.
  • Milk- All 800g cans of Bebilon milk in Rossmann have been discounted from PLN 42.99 to PLN 39.99. In the same drugstore you will save PLN 2 on Nestle Nan milk over 6 months (600g) and eventually you will pay PLN 25.99 at the checkout. You will spend 27.49 PLN for E.Leclerc for two packages of Nestle Junior 2x230g milk.


  • cuddly- Happy stuffed animals, making various noises, you will get at Rossmann for PLN 13.99 / item.
  • For little ones- Bilingual Puppy Pupil costs PLN 128.99, Piano Puppy Puppy 88.99 PLN, Bathing giraffe Playskool 33.99 PLN.
  • For boys- At the Polo Market you will get dump trucks, loaders and excavators for PLN 14.99 per item
  • Books- E.Leclerc has prepared special prices for books for its youngest clients. And so you will pay PLN 21.99 for a set of two titles and a CD with Disney fairy tales. A booklet plus an audiobook from the Egemont series costs PLN 10.90. Booklets with stickers of your favorite heroes will amount to 5.99 PLN. The most beautiful Easter coloring costs 3.99 PLN, cutouts 9.99 PLN.


  • Outdoor fun- Colorful plastic houses with opening shutters and doors will get you in Real for PLN 299. In contrast, plastic swings for two toddlers will only amount to 49.95 PLN (previously you would have to pay 10 PLN more) for a copy. If you have not bought the slide so far, you can take advantage of the discount again and spend not PLN 169 but PLN 119 for the slide with the theme of your child's favorite hero. Of course, the above accessories can be found in Real. Whereas in Kaufland you will pay PLN 99 for a slide equipped with non-slip steps in blue and green.
  • To the children's room- For a calming lamp that will help Toddler fall asleep and display on the ceiling shapes pleasing to the eye you will pay PLN 39.99 at Rossmann.


  • Footwear- Children's sneakers made of solid material in different colors can be found in Real at PLN 29.99. In Piotr and Paweł you will get a baby set - socks and sneakers for PLN 16.99 / item.
  • Underwear- You can buy charming girls tights with different UV patterns at Rossmann at a promotional price of PLN 16.99 (current price: PLN 19.99). Whereas socks with ABSs and UV patterns were discounted from PLN 14.99 to PLN 12.99.

Duration of the promotion

Real from 03.04-11.04
Rossmann from 30.03
Alma 29.03- 11.04
E.Leclerc 27.03- 07.04
Kaufland 05.04- 11.04
Piotr and Paweł 27.03- 07.04
Polo Market 04.04- 10.04
Schlecker 26.03- 08.04