Promotions 13.04-20.04

Promotions 13.04-20.04

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Where should you go shopping this time? Check it out and buy products for your children cheaper!


  • Huggies diapers- If you buy a package of Huggies Premium diapers at Carrefour (any size) for PLN 59.99, you will receive a cashback of PLN 11.50 in the form of an e-voucher at the checkout. In Tesco, Huggies Super Dry diapers 128 pcs. now they cost not PLN 79.99 but only PLN 59.99. At Super-Pharm, all sizes of Huggies Super Dry diapers have been discounted from PLN 39.99 to PLN 33.99.
  • Pampers diapers- You can buy Pampers Active Baby Economy midi diapers 70 pcs at Tesco at a lower price. Instead of 54.99 PLN you will spend 45.99 PLN. Diapers for newborns Pampers New Born cost in Rossmann PLN 23.99 for 43 items. in the package. For any pack of Pampers Economy diapers at Super-Pharm you will pay not PLN 53.99 but PLN 46.99.
  • Diapers from other companies- Drynites night panties for girls or boys aged 4-10 years were discounted at Rossmann from PLN 34.99 to PLN 29.99. You pay 10 zlotys less in Real, i.e. 39.95 zlotys for the packaging of Bella Happy Big Pack diapers. In Polo Market, on the other hand, different types of Balla Happy diapers with 3D flexi system cost PLN 6 less than before, i.e. PLN 33.99. At Auchan, buying any pack of Bella Happy nappies at PLN 34.98 (formerly PLN 43.99), you'll get a free pack of wet wipes.
  • Wipes- You can buy six packages of Huggies Pure wipes (6x64 pcs) at Tesco for PLN 23.99. At Rossmann, you will pay PLN 11.99 for 2x56szt Pampers Sensitive wipes (current price PLN 14.99). You can buy two packages of Pampers Natural Clean wipes PLN 1 cheaper at Super-Pharm for PLN 8.99. Intermarche 4x63 pcs. Cleanic Kindii wipes will amount to PLN 19.99.
  • Cosmetics- You will spend PLN 4 less, i.e. PLN 10.89 on Rossmann Nivea Baby Nutri Skin cream. There you will also save a little on 200ml Johnson's Baby shampoos - paying PLN 6.19 instead of PLN 6.79 and on Bambino olive oil, which now costs PLN 6.59. At Super-Pharm, Perfecta Baby cream now costs not PLN 18.99 but only PLN 13.99. In the same drugstore, selected cosmetics for newborns from the Johnson's baby series have a 20% discount.


  • Milk- Different types of Bebiko 350g milk are available at Carrefour for PLN 12.69 per packaging. Nestle Nan Pro Ha 2.3 milk in 400g cans has been discounted at Super-Pharm from PLN 32.99 to PLN 28.99.
  • desserts- At Carrefour you can buy new products in 125g and 130g jars from Gerber for PLN 2.79 / item. Buying two small Gerber desserts at Rossmann for PLN 2.99 / item the third one you will get for free. For 190g Hipp desserts you will get a 30% discount at Polo Market and you will pay not PLN 5.39 for each piece but only PLN 3.99.
  • Dishes and dinners- DoReMi Gerbera dishes in 260g packages were discounted from PLN 7.79 to PLN 5.45 at Tesco. You can now buy BoboVita dinners in 190g jars at Rossmann for PLN 4.19 instead of PLN 4.69. Vegetable soups and dishes in 125g Hipp jars cost in Super-Pharm not PLN 3.39 but PLN 2.69.
  • Juices, teas, nectars, drinks- You can buy 500ml Hipp tea at Rossmann at a promotional price - PLN 4.39. Gerber juices 300ml have been discounted at Super-Pharm from PLN 4.39 to PLN 3.69. Bobo Frut nectar and juice prices in the Polo Market have been reduced from PLN 3.29 to PLN 2.99 / unit. You will pay PLN 2.69 for the above items in Auchan.
  • Kaszki- You will get 180g BoboVita rice porridges at Rossmann for PLN 4.89 (previously they cost PLN 5.99). Whereas functional Nestle porridges in 250g packs cost PLN 9.99. You'll get BoboVita milk-rice porridge in Real for PLN 6.79. You will pay only PLN 10.99 for two milk-rice BoboVita porridges in the Polo Market.


  • Supportive activity- Perfect for beaches, for tossing and rolling balls in the yard, the most interesting feature of which is the fluorescent effect, you can buy it at Carrefour for PLN 5.99 / item On the other hand, a set for building sand castles, raking and creating inedible cakes is a more expensive expense. At Tesco, you'll also spend PLN 6 on rubber balls without a penny, but their only decoration will be pictures of characters from Disney cartoons.
  • Books- Water painting, coloring books and folding books, thanks to which a child can admire spatial pictures can be found in Carrefour for PLN 2.99 / item.
  • For babies- At Pepco you can buy squeaking toys with a teether in the form of a frog or giraffe from Baby Ono for PLN 9.99. There you will also get cars with a rattle for less than PLN 5. The educational pyramid ended with a duck or a clown is an expense of PLN 7.99.
  • vehicles- You will get girls' three-wheeled scooters with a cute basket at Carrefour for PLN 34.99. By buying children's rollerblades in Real you will receive a 30% discount for each pair and you will pay PLN 48.95 in total.


  • For the garden- You will get fabulously colorful plastic sandboxes at Carrefour for PLN 28.99. There you will also buy a garden house for PLN 289. If you want to make your child really enjoy buying a trampoline with a net for PLN 369 can be a hit.
  • Ensuring safety- Bicycle helmets for our kids have been discounted at Tesco. We will pay half the price per item, i.e. PLN 39.99.

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