Why don't I carry a child in a sling, that is, every solution has disadvantages

Why don't I carry a child in a sling, that is, every solution has disadvantages

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It is so with our mother-tat life that what works for one parent may not be good for others. Meanwhile, the fashion that has prevailed often does not allow to admit that certain solutions do not work in some situations. Just like wearing a sling. For many, I have the perfect option (and no one denies it), for others it completely fails the exam. Because the sling or baby carrier, contrary to appearances, is not as perfect as some people want to claim.

An energetic child

The sling may not work for energetic babies. Especially a few months old, not to mention children who have just learned to walk. It may even prove to be unnecessary, unnecessary expense in confrontation with the toddler's great energy.

Often, instead of a child, he hugs his parent sweetly, or just watches what surrounds them, spins, tries to move or even tear him to the ground (even if he is not walking yet, for example, he is at the crawling stage). In such situations, carrying a baby in a sling is very tiring: for a parent and a toddler.

Child weight / discomfort

Although it is said that the sling is to relieve the spine, the practice of many mothers, as evidenced by numerous statements in the forums (e.g. here on, says something different. There is no complaining that the real challenge is to "load" a 10-kilo toddler onto the stomach or back, and to carry additional shopping or even sandbox toys. In such a situation, gaining courage and honesty in this topic, it must be objectively stated that it would be easier to put the child in a stroller, and on the handles of the stroller or in the basket under the stroller put all necessary things ...

In addition, with the growth of the child, many complain that it is difficult to sit in a sling. The toddler's feet are interfering with this, as they force a slight lean back and even sit in a semi-recumbent position. When we additionally sit in a cafe and want to drink hot tea or coffee, moving it over the child's head, all you need is a sudden, sudden movement of the child and misfortune ready.

The need for change

If we think that buying one scarf will be enough, we will certainly be disappointed. Of course, prams also change from deep to a stroller, or later to an umbrella, however, to make sure that the sling / baby carrier will be adapted to our changing needs throughout the infancy and later, we will have to invest in several models. This, unfortunately, always involves studying the subject, adapting the model to your own needs and sometimes making a mistake .... It would be best to borrow scarves and check if they are suitable, but it is not always possible.


Of course, you can have a scarf sew it yourself, outsource this service to another person - which is a cheaper option, but less often chosen or choose a finished product from the store's assortment, which, unfortunately, involves quite considerable costs.

If we additionally assume that we will change the scarf several times, the purchase cost will be several times higher for us (and the change is necessary due to having the maximum load on many scarves and because of their form).

In addition, most mothers have handkerchiefs buying a stroller anyway, which means that in an extremely tight budget, you need to find a place for the next item and the next expense: buying scarves next to the rather expensive stroller expense.

It's not everything. Scarves are dirty, which is often forgotten, which means that of course you need to wash them, and when they dry, have the best something in place (if you do not use a stroller). So if we want to have a guarantee of convenience, multiply the cost of 200-400 zlotys twice.

You have to learn

Some do not wear a scarf, because they do not trust this solution and also because some models must be tied, while others must be adapted to the construction by loosening or squeezing the material.

Putting on a scarf requires skill and time. Sometimes it is even necessary to sign up for special workshops / courses (sometimes extra paid) where you can learn this art. For busy people who have little time, this may be a condition, or otherwise it cannot be overcome.

The child doesn't like it ...

Just as not all babies like to ride in a pram, not everyone will accept the headscarf. There are different situations. This fact is also confirmed by the instructions for use attached to the headscarf, which tells how to silence a child who he protests before putting it in the headscarf. Some manufacturers directly suggest to put a baby with a teat in his mouth. In addition, attention is common not to be discouraged by the first setbacks, because it takes time to convince the baby to wear in a sling. Some children protest so loudly that the adventure of wearing a sling (theoretically very natural) ends very quickly.

There is another aspect, namely, the time to start wrapping. Again, back to the manufacturers' instructions: before we apply the headscarf before the child's sixth week of life, this fact should be consulted with a pediatrician. Not all children can be carried in a sling.

A scarf good for everything?

By reading some of the threads on internet forums or simply listening to conversations, you get the impression that carrying a baby in a sling is good for everything and works at any time. However, this is not true ...

If a child wants to be close to his mother, he usually needs her attention, which we can not always satisfy by putting on the headscarf and taking care of his own affairs. In addition, for some children sitting in one place is unacceptable and the sling will not work when mom has something to do in a sitting position. It is also difficult to imagine cooking with a baby in a shawl over hot pots, especially when the child is getting more interesting and happy to grab everything that is within reach.

In addition, there is no lack of votes that wearing a headscarf is uncomfortable in summerwhen it's just warmer for the parents and the baby in the headscarf. Some parents mention the disadvantage no possibility of protecting your child from the sun (in the pram we can fold out the umbrella or visor), or when it gets cold - before the cold (of course there are jackets for two, but this is an additional expense and does not always work).

Sleeping in a scarf

Manufacturers of headscarves argue that their use helps to cope with the sleeping difficulties of the baby, while many experiences indicate that the attempt to pull the child out of the headscarf and lay down ends in awakening and crying ... This, unfortunately, means that carrying a baby in a sling is not so comfortable, as it seems.

Controversy / disinformation

A lot of controversy around wearing in headscarves can also be a problem. You get the impression that every expert is a different opinion. Some argue that wearing in a sling due to the load on the spine should not last more than two hours a day, others promote reaching for scarves and carrying children in them incessantly.

There are also disputes between producers. For example, some concerns apply carrying children in a so-called ring sling: some manufacturers advise against carrying children in a horizontal position (to which these scarves seem to have been created), allowing this position only in sporadic situations, such as during breastfeeding. In this position (recommended since birth) it is not allowed to wear children who have a problem with their hips or breathing. In turn, another source indicates that cradle-type scarves were created for this purpose and you can easily carry children in them.

Bearing in mind these contradictions between the indications of use and the willingness of many manufacturers, to sell the product at all costs, one can have doubts about what to believe and whether to reach for scarves at all, which on the one hand are propagated, on the other very often (especially in the first months) they are advised against.

Finally, note: each solution has its pros and cons. That's why this article was created. The reality is not as rosy as some people think. It is difficult to agree on aggressive handing over to mothers only one vision and the policy of "wearing a sling" assuming that this is the perfect solution. Unfortunately it is not.