Promotions for parents and children

Promotions for parents and children

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What is worth buying this week in Polish stores? Be sure to see and do not overpay!


  • Pampers diapers- You will now spend PLN 43.99 on the packaging of Premium Care pampers in any size at Super-Pharm (current price PLN 49.99). In Carrefour you will pay PLN 43.99 for the Active Baby or New Born package. On the other hand, at Tesco, spending PLN 110 on the Active Baby box - multipacz plus midi 186 pcs. You will receive a rebate coupon of PLN 10, which you can redeem on your next purchase up to June 5.
  • Huggies diapers- PLN 6 you can save by buying in Super-Pharm a pack of diapers from the Super dry series for PLN 33.99 in any size.
  • Cosmetics- Super-Pharm drugstores have prepared a real treat for the youngest consumers. Only now the whole Bed Time series of cosmetics is available with a 20% discount. You will get a larger discount of 25% at the checkout for Hipp baby care cosmetics. If you have a Life Style card, Bambino cosmetics will also cost you a quarter of the price. A mild Johnson's Baby body and hair wash at E.Leclerc costs PLN 14.69 for 500ml.
  • Wet wipes- Customers who show a Life Style card at the Super-Pharm checkout will pay not PLN 20.99 but PLN 17.99 for 4 packages of Cleanic Kindii wipes. At Tesco for 4 packages of 64 pcs. Pampers Baby Fresh wipes now spend 5 PLN less, or 19.99 PLN. Two packs of Tami Baby wipes, 64 pcs. you will get in Real for PLN 6.50.
  • Other- If you use hygienic foundations, you will get 10 pcs from Bella Happy at Super-Pharm at a promotional price - PLN 15.99 (previously PLN 19.99).


  • Milk- You will pay PLN 20.99 at Super-Pharm for two packages of Gerber milk 2.3 for 350g.
  • porridge- All Nestle 230g milk and rice porridges have been discounted at Super-Pharm from PLN 9.29 to PLN 7.49. At Tesco, you spend PLN 14.98 on 3 packages of these porridges. For two packs of BoboVita 180g porridges - different types, you will now pay PLN 7.73 at Carrefour.
  • juices- Amateurs of Hipp Bio juices will definitely be pleased by the news that they will pay a bottle at Super-Pharm for PLN 2 less by PLN 2, i.e. PLN 5.49.
  • dinners- If your toddler likes Hipp dishes for the junior from the Bio Obiadek series, you will spend PLN 250.49 instead of PLN 9.99 on Super-Pharm. At Tesco, a set of two dishes in 190g jars costs PLN 6.69 in promotion. By buying a Gerber DoReMi 250g dinner for Real for PLN 7.99, you will get a second one for PLN 1. In E.Leclerc buying 4x125g BoboVita dinners for each jar you will pay PLN 2.46.
  • Snacks- Fans of Lubisiów would like to inform you that in Carrefour you will pay PLN 3.99 for a pack with 5 sweet bears.


  • Skill- A set of young fisherman, paddle and tennis ball or throwing rings, inspired by fun in a funfair, you will get in Carrefour for PLN 5.99 per set.
  • For the garden- You will buy an inflatable playground with a cheerful elephant, slide and swimming pool at Carrefour for PLN 129. A fold-out children's house is an expense in the Real in the amount of PLN 34.95 (formerly PLN 49.95). However, for tents with pictures of popular fairy-tale characters you will have to pay not PLN 79.95 but PLN 59.95. A set for sand with molds in the shape of a pig, cockerel, rakes and a spatula with a capacious bucket will bring you at Pepco only PLN 3.99. You pay 99.99 PLN for E.Leclerc sandboxes. A plastic rocker for two kids costs PLN 39.99. And the dinosaur slide less than PLN 80. You need to spend PLN 59.99 on an inflatable playground with a carousel, the expansion pool with Winnie the Pooh will cost you only PLN 25.


  • Pacifiers- All soothers and Nuk bottle teats are available at Super-Pharm with a 20% discount.
  • Foteliki- You can buy a Phenix child car seat from 9 to 36 kg in E.Leclerc for PLN 139.


  • Underwear- You can buy charming rampers for girls and boys at Pepco for PLN 14.99. Shorts cost PLN 5. You will spend only PLN 1.99 on socks.
  • dresses- Little hipster will like dresses with a butterfly motif, for which you will pay less than PLN 10 at Pepco.
  • sets- Colorful baby sets in sizes 68-104cm you will get in Carrefour for PLN 21.99.
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts- Happy t-shirts for babies you can buy in Real for PLN 9.99 per item
  • Jackets, coats- Sztormiaki, in which even a walk in the rain will be a real adventure buy at Carrefour for PLN 9.99.

Duration of the promotion
Super-Pharm 26.04- 09.05
Carrefour 25.04-30.04
Tesco April 26 - May 2
Real April 26 - May 2
Pepco 27.04-10.05
E.Leclerc 24/04 - 05/05