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Should you cover yourself while breastfeeding?

Should you cover yourself while breastfeeding?

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Breastfeeding in public is not prohibited. It is rare that someone simply does not accept breast feeding of young children and orders to stop this activity by hiding in a secluded place.

More often, young mothers experience unpleasant comments from around the corners, unsympathetic looks, significant grunts. This time, however, the attack on the nursing mother was unambiguous and uttered without any doubt. It lasted long enough to film it.An unpleasant situation has happened Lucy Eades. The woman was noticed that she was feeding a 16-day-old child at Burleson Recreation Center in Texas.

A young mother waiting for an older child who was picked up from dance classes was asked to to cover it, keeping a minimum of decency.

Shocked, Eades said she was breaking the law, giving milk to a hungry child and not going to leave the lobby or covering her breasts.

The quarrel lasted for several dozen seconds. Finally, the woman's husband decided to intervene, saying that if she did not like something, she should call the police.

In an official statement by the City of Burleson, he wrote that he supports breastfeeding and does not prohibit breast feeding babies in their facilities. He stated that the mother has the right to breastfeed wherever she is and no one has the right to prohibit her. The employee's intervention is explained by children between the ages of 5 and 13 staying in the building. The request to cover the breasts was to protect the toddlers in the center.

Watch the recorded movie from the event.

So, the questions are on the lips: should breastfeeding women do it in a discreet way? Can they be expected to cover the breasts? Can they feed anywhere and anytime? What do you think about it?