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Promotions for parents

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The weather has broken down a bit. In that case, there is nothing to regret and it is worth going shopping. How to save and not overpay? See what the largest Polish stores have prepared for us.


  • Pampers diapers- In Real Sleep & Play diapers you can buy PLN 27.99 per pack and you will also receive 500 points that will increase your pool in the Playback loyalty program. At Tesco, you will spend 1 PLN less on wrapping the same size 3 diapers. However, you will save the most at Carrefour, there you will spend PLN 25.99 on any Sleep & Play packaging.
  • Huggies diapers- On 05.05-06.05 at Tesco for wrapping Huggies Super Dry diapers in the offer of 128 items + 50% more you will pay PLN 55.99. Price outside the promotion is PLN 69.99.
  • Wet wipes- 72 pcs. in 1 pack of Tip wipes you pay PLN 2.99 in Real. At Tesco, you will spend PLN 23.99 on a box with six packages of Huggies Pure wipes (6x64 items). Whereas 4x63 pcs Kindia's handkerchiefs cost PLN 18.99 (the current price is PLN 26.99). Four packages of Pampers baby Fresh wipes (4x64 items) will cost you PLN 19.99 at Carrefour. You can get four pack of Pampers Sensitive wipes at Rossmann at a price reduced by PLN 2 - PLN 23.99. And if you like Babydream wipes for 2x80pcs, you will spend not 8.49 PLN but 6.99 PLN. At the Polo Market, the price of packaging for Bambino wipes (1x63 items) has been reduced from PLN 7.99 to PLN 5.99.
  • Cosmetics- You will save PLN 2 on mouthwash for children Aquafresh 300ml, if you buy it at Tesco for PLN 8.99. For 50ml Aquafresh toothpaste you will pay PLN 1 less, i.e. PLN 4.99. There, the Nivea Baby 500ml bath care liquid was discounted from 19.69 PLN to 14.59 PLN, the Nivea Baby 50ml all-weather baby cream now costs not 14.99 PLN but 10.99 PLN, while soothing anti-chafing cream from the same company is an expense smaller by almost PLN 4 - PLN 10.99. You will now get 60g Sudocrem packaging at Rossmann for PLN 12.99 (up to PLN 16.99).


  • Milk- In Rossmann, Nestle Nan H.A. milk over 6 months, 400g was discounted from PLN 28.99 to PLN 26.99. At the Polo Market, the price of Nestle Junior milk in 350g packs has been reduced by PLN 1 and is PLN 13.99.
  • porridge- If your babies like ready-made porridges to drink, then for a pack 2x250g Nestle porridges you will pay not PLN 9.49 but PLN 7.99. Promotion applies to Rossmann drugstore.
  • Obiadki- By buying two DoReMi gerber 260g dishes at Rossmann you will get the third item for free and pay only PLN 7.99 at the checkout.
  • Teas- In the Polo Market, Hipp teas in 400g cans now cost PLN 15.99 instead of PLN 15.59.
  • Deserki- Buying 3x125g BoboVita desserts at Tesco and pay only for two pieces - 5.58 PLN. The fruity Hipp duo now costs PLN 4.59 at Rossmann. In addition, if you make a purchase for a minimum of PLN 25 you will receive a t-shirt for a small fan for free. Toddler yogurts BoboVita 4x125g have been reduced (in the same drugstore) by almost PLN 2 and now cost PLN 7.99.


  • For the youngest- You can buy cute 30cm bears in Real for less than 8 PLN.


  • Outdoor games- The huge trampoline with safety net against falling out has been discounted in Real from PLN 899 to PLN 699. You will spend PLN 37.90 on Auchan inflatable Space ship pool, dimensions 157x41cm. Colorful swings with a strap in cheerful colors cost PLN 22.49 (formerly PLN 25.99) in the same supermarket.
  • vehicles- If your child dreams of a scooter, go to the Real supermarket. There, for the selected model you will pay from 139 PLN to 149 PLN (currently 179 PLN).


  • Underwear- In Auchan you will pay 5.99 PLN for any baby body. Baby shorts for a boy cost PLN 9.99. A baby body with a license (print with Maya the Bee, Daisy Duck, Mickey Mouse) will amount to PLN 12.99 / item.
  • T-shirts and sweatshirts- You'll spend less than PLN 10 at Auchan on a t-shirt for an infant. Colorful baby tops for girls cost PLN 8.99. If you are tempted to buy blouses with the license with the logo of Hello Kitty, Cars, Winnie the Pooh, you have to take into account the cost of PLN 12.99.

Duration of the promotion
Real 26.04-09.5 and 04.05-09.05
Tesco 04.05-09.05 and 04.05-16.05
Carrefour 02.05-07.05
Rossmann 26.04- 09.05
Polo Market 02.05-08.05
Auchan 02.05-08.05